Friday, June 27, 2014

009 - Tom Cruise & Dragons Underperform and 70's Political Paranoia Today

How to Train Your Dragon 2 and Edge of Tomorrow are getting great reviews, (and Loann and Art have each seen one of them.) However, they are not meeting box office projections, so what does that mean for the studios and the stars.  And, 70's movies like The Conversation made audiences feel creeped out about the surveillance state, but where are those stories being told today?

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Episode 8 - Young Adult Lit and Conservative Comedy

Loann and Art, in true young boy and girl detective spirit, track down the arguments for and against grown-ups reading Young Adult literature.  And, where are all the conservative comedians? Is the comedy industry a liberal stronghold?

We also discuss our cultural consumption over the past few weeks.

Reading List:

Against YA; Should Adults Be Embarassed to Read Children's Books by Ruth Graham

Can Conservatives Be Funny? by Frank Rich

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